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Alexandra Dapier aka Alex, Lexa


March 29th, 2008

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name: Alexandra Dupier, aka Alex or Lexa
birthdate and age: November 10, 1986 - currently 21
birthplace: Gainesville, GA
occupation: Exotic dancer, fetish and alt model, occasional call girl

sexuality: Bisexual, mostly likes men though

quirks, kinks and fetishes: Alexandra is very sexual, having been diagnosed as a nymphomaniac at one point as an adolescent. Things are not quite that bad now, but she certainly has a ravenous sexual appetite. She is very free with her body, working as a stripper, often doing nude and fetish modeling. She occasionally works as an escort or call girl, either for the money or the thrill of it, she's not quite sure. She is heavily involved in the alt-model and fetish scene, and enjoys the accoutrements, the festivals, the lifestyle. Sexually she's very physical and open to her partner's kinks. Being part of a wild fetish scene she's certainly engaged in a lot of bondage, costuming, roleplay, submission, toys, groups and bisexuality. She tends to be very susceptible to what her partner wants, letting them dress her, toy with her.

likes: Leather, fishnets, corsets, boots, costumes, roleplay, bondage, hard nasty fucking, dirty talk, oral sex, doing what her partner wants.

dislikes: Preppies, boring sex partners, suits, submissive men, sorority girls, fake implant beach bitches, being alone.

biography: More is here ( but briefly Alexandra is the daughter of some nouveau rich, who were desperate to keep their newfound social status. A daughter who dressed like a $5 whore, and fooled aroudn with their friends' kids was not helping at all, and she was shipped off to a distant private school. After school she never bothered going back, heading out to Miami instead, which she thought would be more conducive to her interests. A spoiled rich girl at heart, she didnt' want to bother finding a real job, so started stripping modeling and hooking instead. She's happy with it all, loving the scene and her friends in it, and getting plenty of thrills showing off her body.

played-by: Apnea
journal and aim name:, alexandraburning

Lexa slid down off the stage when the music ended, most of the guys in the crowd turning their attention to the next stage, waiting for the next girl. Lexa mingled through the crowd, ready to rack up the lap dances. She knew from her show which ones to try. Some guys liked the more conventional girl with the implants and the swollen lips and the bad dance moves. She just swept right by them, there were enough toher girls that would get their money easier. There were always a few who liked Alexandra's style better, and she made sure to hit up each one, giving them a half-lidded look, and brushing her latex boots up against their arms. It was only a minute before one of them was stuffing the bills in the top of her boot with a feverish look. She slid between him and the table, resting her ass against it as she put her boots on either side of him. Up on stage, some other delight was starting up, but she was all he had eyes for.

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March 20th, 2008

Basic bio

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Current situation:

Alexandra is like a lot of young women in Miami, a spoiled rich girl running from her family, scrounging to find a way to get by. Her particular inclinations, her particular experiences, led her quickly into 'exotic dancing' as that way to get by. She's attractive, distinctive, and good at it, and so she was quickly able to move up from the sleazy, sleazy clubs to nicer jobs. It doesn't mean a lot more money, but it's a little bit safer, a little bit better schedule. Plus, much better costuming. That sort of thing really matters to Lexa. She enjoys the world of strip and erotica and fetish, the power and allure of donning certain outfits, playing certain roles, teasing a certain way. She moves in a crowd that embraces erotica, the kids into alternative modeling sites, fetish balls, all that.

Lexa's main gig now is at The Candy Box. It's a move up from some of the dives. They have creative costuming, VIP rooms, a full bar. She makes pretty good money there. On her free time she also sometimes does some amateur modeling for friends and Web sites, likes to go to Fetish shows and has a bit of a name for herself there. She also occasionally dabbles in escort work through a woman she knows, as well as privately through Craigslist.

When she's not working she's partying with her friends, at their apartments, out at the bars, at shows. She isn't into any particular music but enjoys the concert scene, as well as all the crazy festivals, balls and craziness her friends put on.


Alexandra is a very small girl with a distinctive set of pouty lips and distinctive face. Her natural hair color is hard to say as it is always either bleached blonde, dyed black or some vibrant color in between. She is not especially curvy, but she gives off a very strong sense of sensuality, which she enhances by how she dresses and carries herself. She's so used to dressing at strip clubs, fetish shows and clubs, that she tends to forget that her attire stands out in the regular world.

Back Story:

Alexandra is the daughter of a typically dysfunctional wealthy family. Her mother is an artist, who actually spends most of the day drinking and shopping with her friends. Her father built his wealth by selling his original venture, and now frantically tries to hold on to his newfound position among the elite.

Alexandra has heard all the psychology mumbo jumbo. They all think they know why she 'acts out'. But she could truly not care less. She saw from early on how ridiculous her parents are, and pays little attention to what they think about her or her life. That seemed all right with them up through middle school. She didn't succeed at anything, but she didn't have to--they were rich.

At adolescence though the trouble started. It took them a while to realize it, since Alexandra was rarely at home, and neither were they. There were a few incidents at school, 'petting' with the boys on school grounds, pot in her locker. They only started paying real attention when the rumors worked their way back to them, through the high society company they tried to keep in the town. They were not going to have their daughter described as a 'floozy' or some sort of malcontent. Alexandra only laid it on thicker, with the colored hair, a sort of punk Lolita wardrobe, and a complete disdain for their rules.

The last straw was Mr. Dubois. They had put out enough fires with the neighborhood boys, 'good' little boys whose parents didn't want that slut tainting. But when word started going around that Alexandra was having an affair with one of the fathers ... !

Alexandra was promptly sent off to a private school, which didn't do much to change her behavior, but did get her out of view of the neighbors. Her lack of 'rehabilitation' led her parents to make it clear she wasn't very welcome back home after graduation. So, Lexa just took off on her own, trying out different things. She still is very free about her body, and so quickly found it was much easier to make a living dancing and escorting than doing anything else. She may not think much of her parents, but growing up rich left her without the willingness to 'go without' that would be involved in getting a real job. Not when a little extra something can put a lot of extra money in her waist band.


Psychologically, Alexandra is a borderline nymphomaniac. She has been getting in trouble for it since the day puberty began, but the trouble only adds allure to her. She likes boys. She likes girls. She likes men and women. But she likes most of all risk, temptation, seduction, the chase and then the act. She is completely open sexually, and has a great appetite. If she has to she'll settle for what she can get, but she enjoys most a conquest. Or two or three.

Alexandra loves being brazen if only for the reaction it can get from others, which she finds amusing. Dancing, escorting, she finds fun for the psychological control she gets over others, especially powerful people, but really anyone.

Other than her 'work' Lexa is a party girl. Not the superficial clubs, though she'll go to them, but just likes hanging out, getting high and having a good time with friends or acquaintances. It's just what she does, she gets bored if she's left alone. She is quite an extrovert and needs someone else to talk at in order to process her thoughts.

Current storyline ideas:

I would be looking for a couple storylines interesting to me. One would be a customer, slightly obsessive. Perhaps he starts at the club and moves on to escort work. He may be rich, looking to be a sugar daddy, or just obsessed with her for one reason or another.

Another might be a personal fling with someone outside of her work, dealing with her lifestyle, whether he or she is also a part of it or not.

I could also story with someone who hires me for work as a dancer, model, or escort, involved in my life in some business/artistic way.
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